Becky Callender

Becky Callender, LPC, CBIS

I have served as a school counselor and professor of Psychology for almost 20 years. I have extensive knowledge of school systems and issues within them, and love to help students and families learn how to turn struggle into success. I also have an extensive background in anxiety management and support.

My counseling goals are to facilitate self-awareness, self-acceptance, and responsibility for one's own actions and growth, as I believe this leads to empowerment, healing, and wellness. Encompassed in the idea of growth is interacting successfully with others. Respect is the underpinning of the counselor's relationship with the client and inherent in the counseling techniques I use. Techniques employed in my practice include: establishing open communication, behavioral and cognitive behavioral techniques, and psycho-educational techniques involving social skills and occasionally career development.

My areas of specialized study include anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, career development, school issues, group techniques, and brain injury. I am a Certified Brain Injury Specialist through the Brain Injury Association of America.